Jovanka Houska wins 4th round against Simon Williams

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Jovanka Houska (GM) wins against Simon Williams (GM) in 4th Round The Open – Tuesday 12th April

Jovanka Houska won in her encounter in the 4th round against Simon Williams, in a very exciting and tense game. Jovanka spoke to us after the game:

“Simon played his favourite the Dutch …and I thought I’d be tricked into something on the kingside with his experience but then I think he overlooked a check and we got to a pawn structure where it was quite solid on both sides, he had a big hole on e4 which I could have maybe played with but for along time we manouvered and manouvered then it just exploded! I put a knight into e4 and he took and I think I was perhaps a bit better as my pieces were better placed and then suddenly the positioned opened up and he overlooked a tactic and trick I had that made sure I was winning material. He took a risky approach right to the end as he didn’t have too much time. I had to think and had to calculate & calm myself down as the clock is ticking and I have to find a win here.

So far this has been an interesting game for me and it’s nice to win with black and nice to have a win.”

One Comment on “Jovanka Houska wins 4th round against Simon Williams”

  1. This game was deservedly published in the Daily Telegraph. Very entertaining and impressive. Well played Jovanka.

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