The Jersey


  • The Jersey Championship has been competed for since 1936 with the inevitable break due to the First World War for both the Jersey Championship and the Inter-Insular.
  • The 2017 Championship was the 77th time that The Jersey Chess Championship had been competed for and produced the 29th Jersey chess champion.
  • Traditionally, the Jersey champion plays the Guernsey champion on board 1 of the Inter Insular to decide the Channel Island Champion and Jersey winners of The Channel Island Championship (The Garde Trophy) are summarised below with a breakdown year by year going back to the first league championship in 1936. In the event that the board 1 match is a draw then The Channel Island Championship is shared.
  • John. R. Hawes is the most successful Jersey player of all time with 17 Championship victories (14 outright and 3 shared) and 12 Channel Island Championships successes (11 outright and 1 shared).


There have been 77 Jersey Championships since 1936 and in that time there have only been 29 Jersey champions. J.R.Hawes is the most successful champion with 17 Championship wins:


17 J.R. Hawes (14 outright, 3 shared)
9 Paul Wojciechowski (6 outright, 3 shared)
8 A.J.Fulton (7 outright, 1 shared)
4 R.Blow, C.Greier (4 outright)
4 K.Belzo (3 outright, 1 shared)
3 B.I. Le Marquand, R.C.Bisson, K.Greier, G.O.Fairlie (3 outright)
2 P.H. Le Feuvre, P.C. Hembest, D.A.Askew, G.L.Dupre, J.B. Le Montais (2 outright)
2 Tito Kahn (2 shared)
1 Alan Rosenbeiger E.C.Durrell, A.Schulz, D.A.Wright, V.Janovschik, E.C.Cox, C.F.Journeaux, R. Andrews, Louis Jouault (outright)
1 Garry Forbes, Graham Mooney, Chris Tandy, T.Farrand (shared)